COVID-19 Response

Dear all,

We write to communicate our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. As we write, the precautions being taken by the Australian government to delay its spread are being updated. We appreciate the wisdom that God is giving the government and Department of Health to lead our country during this time.

We believe in the sovereignty of God and the fact that He is in complete control over the situation, ruling with power and love. At WOL, we are trying to adapt our operations & ministry to support local churches while staying true to the Gospel.

The following are precautionary measures we are taking:

Evangelistic Events

We have chosen to postpone all events up to 15th May 2020. All planned events up to that date will be contacted to organise a new suitable date. As the situation changes, we may extend this deadline and postpone more events as required.

Discipleship Training Centre

We are taking utmost care to ensure that our facilities are complying with instructions from the department of health regarding Self-isolation (self-quarantine), Social distancing and general hygiene. We are working closely with interns to ensure their remote studies are uninterrupted while replacing the ministry events with components that remotely support Australian churches.

General Operations

Word of Life is embracing these times to encourage churches to not just survive but to thrive. We are coming up with creative ways to connect and equip leaders to disciple and evangelise even during the measures that we are under.  More than even we are excited about the remotely reaching many youth groups leaders with training material and methods that would typically not be feasible.

As God opens new doors for our ministry, we are praying that we will be attentive and obedient to his calling upon our ministry.

Please join us in prayer for Word of Life in Australia and International as we embrace these challenging times.

We will update you again shortly as the situation changes.

Ps 109:27 “Let them see that this is your doing, that you yourself have done it, LORD.”

Grace and peace,

Martin Garcia
CEO – Word of Life, Australia

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