1. How many people join the gap year program each year?

It varies. Normally around 3 to 5 people, plus those who remain on team. Some students are in their 2nd year of study, whilst others are in their 3rd.

2. Is there any HECS debt related to the program?

Yes! Word of Life partners with a university that provides the accredited courses. Any details related to study can be found on the Australian College of Christian Studies (ACCS) website.

3. Are costs payable monthly or upfront?


4. Is there a deposit fee when I register?

There is a $250 deposit.

5. How many days a week does the program run? Is it the same days and times each week or does it tend to change week by week?

The program runs from Tuesday through to Friday. Monday is a day off / study day. This schedule is consistent unless we're travelling.

6. What are the dates of DTC 2024 (when does it commence and when does it finish)?

Students arrive on the 15th of January 2024 for orientation week. The year finishes Friday 6th of December.

7. Are there holidays? Times to go back home and visit family? If so, when are they, generally?

Yes, holidays are based on the ACCS calendar. However, some additional breaks are added due to ministry commitments. Generally, students do have set breaks.

8. Would there be time for me to have a part time/casual job whilst doing DTC?

Yes. Weekends and some evenings. Ministry trips are still a priority. You will need to discuss with the director when seeking a job.

9. Do people generally go back home on weekends to family etc?

Not really, however, you can for special family gatherings, birthday’s etc. Permission from the director will be required.

10. Is there an overseas mission trip? If so, is this covered in the costs?

Yes. Student fees cover all national ministry trips. International trips are additional.

11. Do I need to provide my own meals? If so, are there facilities for me to cook etc?

You will be provided dinner Tuesday to Friday. You will need to prepare breakfast & lunch for yourself. Each house has a kitchen and a living space where you can prepare your own meals. There is a Woolworths just down the street – A 4 min drive away.

12. How does the accommodation work? Is it like a dorm type of situation, bunk setup or individual rooms etc?

Each individual has a room. Additionally, there is driveway to park your vehicle.

13. Is it a nationally recognised diploma / bachelor (AQTF)?


14. Are there any arrangements where the DTC program provide credit towards a degree?

Whilst the DTC program does not provide accredited education, the university Word of Life partners with does. This university provides degrees in counselling, ministry, & theology. If you wish to start with a diploma, these subjects will count (as a first year) in a degree if you decide to continue with Word of Life and study.

15. Where in the world are you?

11 Mission Terrace Lakewood, NSW, 2443. 30 minutes south of Port Macquarie.

16. How close is the beach?

The closest beach is about 10 minutes away.


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