Discipleship Training Centre

Intensive Discipleship Program

Word of Life is an international youth organisation, located in Lakewood NSW. Our passion and vision is youth evangelism and supporting the local churches. The Discipleship Training Centre (DTC) is a God-given facility that allows WOL to develop an intensive discipleship program during a 12 month period. Our program operates under three basic principles: know, grow and show. (Ezra 7:10).

  • Know – Know the Word of God and how to apply it to ministry and life.
  • Grow – Grow in your personal walk with the Lord.
  • Show – Show what you’ve learned by participating in ministry.

DTC has been planned to:

  • Empower students to embrace the great commission and the importance of reproducing their lives.
  • Equip students to make a godly difference in their local churches and their community.
  • Entrust students with opportunities to discover their God-given calling and spiritual gifts and talents.
  • Enrich students with theological studies and practical ministry training preparing them with a solid foundation for life.
  • Establish a conductive environment where students enjoy living in a community.

What do we offer?

  • Missional Experience: 
    Travelling to regional NSW and around Australia.
  • Evangelism:
    Involvement in the coordination of youth programs and evangelistic events. Such as: KICKOFF, BLAST, Thrive.
  • Discipleship:
    Growing as a disciple of Christ. Theological training Online Bible institute studies (Diplomas / Bachelor’s / Masters). Student’s will undergo online theological training through ACCS (Australian College of Christian Studies) and complete either one year diploma or a three year full-time bachelor. For more information regarding ACCS visit: www.ccs.edu.au
  • Youth Ministry Philosophy and Application

For more information regarding DTC, download our DTC Brochure.

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