Who is the One Person You Want to Reach with the Gospel?

Who's Your Reach 1

Our Commitment to You: We Will for 90 Days Pray for Your Reach 1

We are commanded to share the message of hope to lost people (Mark 16:15). Who is one person you can reach out to with the Gospel. A team of people will commit to pray for your reach one.

Reach 1 : A Youth Leader’s Resource Sample

What is Reach 1?

"How do you implement evangelism into the DNA of your discipleship and create an evangelistic culture? By inspiring and equipping students to Reach out to their own lost friends. Evangelism is not just 'Taught' but it’s 'Caught'. We as leaders need to model this and create a movement where students are challenged to live out a worthy Cause, that is to obedient to the Great Commission. Reach 1 is a youth pastor/leader's resource to help guide and inspire both leaders and teenagers to reach out to one lost person with the Gospel. Contact us if you would like these resources in your church." 

Martin Garcia
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