What is THRIVE?

THRIVE is a conference that equips young people on how to share the Gospel. Students are challenged to have a bold vision and are trained to pray, care and share the Gospel to their lost friends.

Why run THRIVE?

Being a follower of Jesus is about growing in our relationship with Him, committing to follow his example, and being a leader in sharing the Gospel. We want to see students THRIVE in this relationship! There are many reasons why students don’t actively share the gospel and, by the end of this conference, we would like to see those reasons completely diminished. THRIVE conference is designed to help students go deeper in their relationship with Jesus by becoming leaders in advancing the Gospel in their spheres of influence because as they go, they grow.

Over the course of THRIVE, student will receive engaging classroom training, dynamic team activities and guided daily reflection time all geared towards equipping them to THRIVE in a gospel advancing ministry and to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Students will be challenged, equipped, and sent out into the community to put into practice the principles they have learned about being leaders in Gospel conversations
and through this they will grow as a follower of Jesus.

Experience THRIVE

THRIVE can be run in your local youth group, as a combined churches conference, or even as a Christian school resource. Our desire is to customise, based upon your needs and location. We currently have two options of how this can run:

  • ONE DAY INTENSIVE: One day teaching intensive where we can come and train your group on the foundations of advancing the Gospel.
  • THREE DAY CONFERENCE: For the most comprehensive experience, we suggest the three day conference of teaching and community outreach to provide the opportunity to put into practice the training directly which will help solidify the teaching in the lives of teens.

Video Credit – DARE2SHARE Ministries: “The Cause Circle is a simple tool that will help you be more intentional about sharing Jesus’ message with your friends.” 
Learn more at: www.dare2share.org/resources/the-cause/the-cause-circle/

Testimonies of THRIVE

For more information for running THRIVE at your youth group and/or church, feel free to contact us here online.

To download our THRIVE, click on the following link: THRIVE Youth Leadership Training Comp

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