What is KICKOFF?

KICKOFF is an evangelistic youth event bringing various youth ministries together for a night of large scale games and a Gospel message.

Everyone that attends will be placed into 1 of 4 teams, each represented by a team name and colour. The four teams will compete against each other in various games throughout the program, accumulating points for their team. The winning team will be announced at the end of the night. The Gospel message will be preached at around the halfway point in the night.

Why run KICKOFF?

We run KICKOFF for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, as an evangelistic tool that Youth Ministries can use to deliver the Gospel message to their teenagers, as well as allowing them to invite their friends along who may not typically go to a “youth group”. There is nothing more important to us than seeing lives saved and funnelled back into the local Church for discipling and growth.

Secondly, we run KICKOFF to help different youth ministries from the same region to connect with each other and network. Together as believers we can be united and it goes a long way to show our teens that there is a wider body of believers out there!

Program Logistics

Program Duration:

  • The program has a total run time of 2.5 hours. 2 hours of games and activities and half an hour of speaking, testimonies and follow up.
  • Venue / Maximum Attendance Ratio: If we only have access to 1 court gymnasium: max of 100-150 teens. If we have access to 2 gymnasium courts – max of 200-250 teens. 
  • We will require at least 2 hours to set up at the venue before the event + a further 2 hours to pack up afterwards. Word of Life has Liability Insurance for KICKOFF.

For more logistic information (such as costing or hosting our team) for KICKOFF at your school and/or church, feel free to contact us here online.

Testimonies of KICKOFF

“What is a Youth Leader’s wildest dream? KICKOFF is awesome event where teens can confidently invite their friends, guaranteed that they will have the night of their lives combined with a punchy Gospel message and an opportunity to publicly accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. KICKOFF is that dream come true. I still have to pinch myself every time I see many young people stream down from the stands to accept Christ and have their lives changed forever.”

Badil – Crest Community Baptist Church

KICKOFF was an outstanding event that brought our youth together from churches and schools in Western Sydney, it was energetic, lively and most importantly had a clear Gospel message delivered.”

Simon – Eagle Vale Anglican Church

“Our daily bread of ministry to young people in Nyngan is nothing like KICKOFF. We are the foot soldiers – breaking into enemy territory bit-by-bit through relationship building, small-groups, daily service in our community – regularly witnessing to the power of Christ to change a life. We do the long hard labour. We break down enemy lines and with God’s grace open the doors. Then we call for a renewed focus and energy. We call in back-up. And with WOL it arrives like a warship or fighter jets- with explosive energy in a great program that offers a genuinely engaging and fun youth night with a fresh and determined proclamation of the Gospel. As Martin says: “We don’t cage the lion.” In a way, these WOL guys are the cheats. They come in and reap a harvest where they have not sown. But they know this – they know they are building with us on foundations laid before. Because they are partners – always respectful, always listening to our wisdom, always praying, always encouraging, always seeking to join alongside us in the battle. When I see guys who I have ministered to over years raise their hand to accept Jesus in a KICKOFF – well, that is exactly why this ministry is important and why we will continue to call in the WOL fighters.”

Richard – Nyngan Baptist Church

Word of Life Youth Ministry is reaching today’s youth whose needs constantly change with biblical principles that never change. Word of Life Youth Ministry exists to support the local organisations in providing platforms for evangelism and discipleship for the purpose of seeing changed lives and growth in Christ.
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